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The analysis of the land development, property, housing and economic framework in Greece, in Tinos and/or other areas of Greece and the future prospects for evolution/development of said fields, the descriptions of Tinos and/or other areas of Greece in reference to their topology, geography, history, culture and tradition, or any other aspect of the island and/or other particular area of Greece, all express the personal opinions of Dr.-Ing. Ioannis M. Theologitis, and/or IMTE Consulting Ltd. based on their individual research and their assessments concerning Greece, the island of Tinos and any other elements emanating from the above. The data relating to the tracts of land, pricing, plots or properties described here are based solely on evaluations and approximate calculations carried out by Dr. I. M. Theologitis' team and/or IMTE Consulting Ltd. with likely margins of error from real figures, as well as on the town-planning authorities’ and any other legislative provisions in force in the period of study of the elements of this website. No guarantee exists for the accuracy of said elements/data. The photographic or other visual material provided in this website has possibly been edited to yield optimum aesthetic results. Consequently, all the proposals, property pricing and economic data and returns of investments or business development activities either described herein or deriving from the present website may differ from the real figures, to result from the possible realization of subject business proposals and/or investments in question. All the business proposals and property offers for purchase or sale described herein, as well as appurtenances, elements deriving from these or similar and/or other business projects not mentioned in the present website contain a possible business risk which has not been analysed in the present website.

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