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Dr. Ioannis  M. Theologitis


Dr. -Ing. Ioannis M. Theologitis (born 1956) is the Founder and Principal of IMTe™ and IMTa™. For over 15 years he established a reputation for excellence in combining economic and technical expertise, involved as a technical and economic advisor for the development of tourism, residential and restoration projects in Greece. Dr. Theologitis and his team have specialized in business concepts and technical realizations of unique real estate and housing/tourism projects. The entrepreneur’s personal emphasis has been on project conception, financial planning and technical project design and the establishment of highly competent project teams. A generalist with a strong technical, managerial and consulting background, Ioannis M. Theologitis holds a Ph.D. degree from Queen Mary College, University of London, and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, with studies in Germany, Greece and the UK. Since the early 1980s, Dr. Theologitis has been an active consultant for financial and strategic business processes in a global context.

As a result of his longstanding professional career working at senior levels, Dr. Theologitis provides excellent know-how and an extensive global network of relationships in business and civil society. Dr. Theologitis leads teams possessing outstanding expertise in technical and diverse business development functions, with core activities in international strategy/finance and housing/tourism development, respectively.

As an active member of various cultural, economic and social organizations, Dr. Theologitis pursues his personal goals as a tireless promoter and initiator for the preservation of Greek culture. In addition to his native language, Greek, Dr. Theologitis speaks English and German fluently. He is married, has two children and lives in Athens and on Tinos island, Greece.



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