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Greece possesses exceptional regions boasting an unrivaled cultural background and long centuries of tradition and history. We offer you, in especially selected parts of Greece, the possibility to make one piece of the unique life and atmosphere of this country your own.

Profitis Ilias, Marlas, Tinos


Mount Parnon, Arkadia


Irakleia, Mikres Kyklades


Estate Agia Anna Priastro – Tinos, Cyclades


Agia Anna Estate - Priastro, Tinos (click to enlarge)



“SPORIES” “VEZYRI”, Priastro, the Municipality of Tinos

ACREAGE: 8038.51 m2 BUILDINGS 468,75 m2

PROPERTIES (3) 1465,63 m2 + (2B) 5438,95 m2

14.943,09 m2


2 fully equipped stone-built guest houses, small chapel with guest room(s), olive groove, domed rock-hewn stone spring, 4 concrete/ stone built water tanks, borewell, dry stone walling surrounding the entire agricultural real estate property

Orientation: South-East

Year of construction: 2006


The area has further building possibilities, according to current legislation (Sep 2021), estimated at 250-450 sq.m. (including basements), always depending on the architectural design of buildings and the use or not of basements and under-earth construction configurations.


Distance from the Chora to the port: 2km

Distance from the beach: 2.5km







Description - Property A

In a unique location only 2 km. from the town (the Chora) and port of Tinos with panoramic views over the Aegean, ancient Delos and Rhenia, estate (A) occupies an exceptionally beautiful area of land covering 8038 sqm. The property includes building complexes composed of a main two-storey house together with independent stone-built hostels, auxiliary spaces inside and outside the house and a chapel incorporating a guesthouse, all of a total area of 472.50 sqm. The immediate surroundings include an outdoor bbq, a traditional oven, pergolas, stone-built outdoor dining-spaces, scattered stone-built seating areas, a vaulted rock chamber with a spring of rare beauty and an area of biological agricultural cultivation, all planned so as to blend in perfectly with the natural environment. In the northern parts of the estate is an array of concrete-built underground water/irrigation tanks and a borehole. The aesthetics of the entire building complex - main house, hostels and chapel - is perfectly integrated with the natural surroundings as well as with the minimalistic Cycladic landscape, as it also is with the organic farmland, the highly attractive trademark hand-fashioned masonry and the internal stone-built pathways of the estate. In a word, the whole exudes a sense of peace, euphoria and harmonious functionality.

Main House Description

This is a house designed for both permanent and holiday stay: the total extent of habitable space, including the basement and auxiliary spaces, is 376.00 sqm.
The habitation is organized on three levels.
The ground floor is comprised of a large kitchen and utility room, a spacious sitting/living room with a fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a w/c, most of the living spaces looking onto courtyards and facing the external environment. Broad balconies offer breathtaking views of the Cyclades, and particularly the islands of Delos, Rhenia, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Antiparos.
The first floor includes a bedroom with its bathroom—which can alternatively be used as a private office providing sleeping accommodation—from which one has panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.
The basement is constituted of 3 large rooms – to be used as principal living spaces - with small windows in the two main rooms, and the possibility to configure a bathroom – w/c. In addition, there are several ancillary/storage spaces in the basement plus the heating/boiler room. The completion of the housing complex is not subject to time restrictions as the building permit is valid indefinitely.
The property is surrounded by traditional stone walls and is composed of terraced landscaping incorporating trees, groves and organic horticultural cultivations.
The housing complex is completed up to the level of the bearing structure (concrete) and the complete external mechanical networks including the biological sewage treatment installation.

Additional Buildings

Besides the main house totaling 376 sqm. of habitable space, including both main and auxiliary spaces, the property also incorporates:

• Two fully equipped and ready-to-host stone guesthouses 41.50 sqm. Constructed in the several centuries-old local traditional style and surrounded by an open barbecue and a stone-built wood-oven, comprising also yards and stone seating areas with pergolas, all exquisitely merged with the natural landscape and, also, providing direct access to the organic farming area of the estate.
• A vaulted rock-hewn chamber (old perennial spring that has been "cultivated") with a water well which supplies fresh water to the water tanks of the estate. Yet another century old ‘work of art’ in the surroundings of the house.
• A Chapel with a guesthouse attached, following the traditional method of construction of the centuries-old chapels of Tinos.

Surrounding Environment Facilities

• Four (4) underground water reservoirs 40 m3 each, capable of pumping water from the source to the tanks but also extending out in a wide-ranging underground network to the lower terraces of the property and the housing area.
• A fully licensed borehole—which awaits connection to the tanks and the existing hydraulic irrigation network of the estate.
• All parts of the property are fully accessible via internal walkways composed of stone paths and stairways, the whole creating a strikingly picturesque web of natural promenades.
• All round the perimeter of the estate, the stone-built walling that delineates the physical boundaries of the estate has been beautifully reconstructed, along with the extensive stone masonry surrounding the residence area.
• The residence is provided with an exterior car-park for 3 vehicles, overlooking the entrance of the house.
• A comprehensive electromechanical underground network has been completed at the estate infrastructure level.

Beyond the Stream Adjacent Properties (3)/(2Β)

The adjacent properties, beyond the little winter stream, namely (3) and (2B) constitute an additional area of a total of 6904.58 sq.m. facing south. They are characterized by a mild morphology, a serene landscape with ample views to the Aegean and specifically ancient Delos and Rhenia, gentle slopes and several flat areas ideal for further cultivation. The area has further building possibilities, according to current legislation (Sep 2021), estimated at 250-450 sq.m. (including basements), always depending on the architectural design of buildings and the use or not of basements and under-earth construction configurations. In area (3) there is a completely renovated stone building that until recently was used as a winery. The plot (2B) includes three old traditional cells/barns, one of which is about 35 sq.m. in size (plus an old threshing floor on the outside); the building an example and a historical testimony of a dry masonry/construction technique, which as unsurpassed technical knowledge of times past has to the greatest extent been lost. From the rural road to the south, a picturesque passageway begins, crossing plots (3), (2B), (2A) and reaching the estate (1) to the north. The entrance to properties (3)/(2B), is either from the main property (A) with a beautiful little stone bridge over the stream (pedestrian crossing), constituting a natural boundary between properties (A) and (3)/(2B)/(2A), or from the rural road in the south through property (3) (pedestrian + vehicle crossing).


The beautiful and extensive beaches of Agios Fokas, lying east of the Chora and with Kionia to the west, are located at distances of 1.5 and 2.5 km. respectively from the estate. The alluring beaches of Agios Ioannis Porto and Agios Sostis are located 8 km from the estate.


It's hard to describe the truly remarkable sense of peace and euphoria one feels looking out from the estate over the Aegean, the magical islands dotting the extraordinary azure expanse of the sea, the unparalleled Cycladic light—but also the indescribable beauty and uniqueness of the Tinos Island landscape.

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