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Agia Anna   Monastiria

Estate Agia Anna Priastro - Tinos


Agia Anna Estate - Priastro, Tinos (click to enlarge)



Type of property: Exploitable Luxury Home Complex with an abundance of facilities

Surface area of buildings: 472 sq m

Surface area of land: 8,038 sq m

Number of levels: 3

Number of bedrooms: 8

Number of bathrooms: 6

Number of WC: 1

Surface area of the guesthouses: 42 sq m (included in the surface area of the buildings)

View: Aegean Sea, Mykonos, Delos, Naxos, Tinian landscape


Important details

a. Other features: 2 fully equipped stone-built guesthouses, chapel with guest room space, olive grove and area for ecological cultivation, vaulted underground stone water-well, 4 water reservoirs, borewell, drystone walling round the entire expanse of the property, traditional stone-paved pathways

Orientation: South-East

Year of construction: 2006

b. Distances:

Distance Port & Chora: 2 km

Distance from the beach: 2.5 km





Proposal for Tourist Utilization of a Luxury Home with Guesthouses, on an 8,000 sq m (8 stremma) estate on the island of Tinos, the Cyclades


This estate extending over 8 stremmata, incorporating a building complex and facilities, comprises a unique proposal for commercial utilization, also as a broad-spectrum business scheme of the highest standards for fine-quality tourism development aimed at high-income tourists. The facilities include a luxury two-storey residence with a basement and utility areas inside and outside the house, 2 swimming pools, traditional stone-built guest-houses, an ecological cultivation area and olive grove, an underground vaulted stone well, an outdoor stone dining area as well as scattered stone-built living spaces, an outdoor bbq with a traditional wood-oven, underground reservoirs, borewell, all harmoniously merged with the surrounding environment and the lovely, unpretentious Cycladic landscape. All the above, in combination with the biological cultivations and outdoor stone-paved pathways crisscrossing the estate, exude an atmosphere of tranquility, serenity and harmonious functionality. The view from the estate, at a distance of just 2 km from the Chora and the port of Tinos, towards all points on the horizon is truly stunning, stretching from the verdant slopes of the Tinian countryside and the traditional Tinian villages, all bathed in the unique Cycladic light, outwards to the azure expanse of the Aegean and the historical ancient island of Delos.


Building facilities

Apart from the main residence, covering a total surface area of 376 sq m, there are additionally several main and auxiliary spaces.

  1. Two fully equipped stone-built guesthouses, ready for immediate welcoming of guests, of a total surface area of 42 sq m, constructed according to the old local building style of the previous century, provided with a stone-built wood-oven (bbq) and courtyards with stone seating areas and pergolas, fully congruous with the natural landscape and traditional architecture and with direct access to the biological cultivations belonging to the estate.

  2. Stone-built water well, vaulted and underground but fully accessible, which, via a pumping system, supplies the underground reservoirs of the estate.

  3. A chapel with a sleeping space/guestroom, following the traditional building style and usage of chapels on the island of Tinos, with a landscaped courtyard.

Facilities of the surrounding space

  1. Four (4) underground water reservoirs, each with a capacity of 40 m3, enabling the pumping of water from the well to the tanks as well as the ramification of the water supply to the lower levels, i.e. to the terraced landscape of the estate.

  2. Complete licensing for the use of the borewell. The borewell in question is presently awaiting its connection with the reservoirs and the existing water-supply/irrigation network of the estate.

  3. The entire estate is completely reachable via its inner landscaped stone-paved pathways and steps, this additionally creating a charming and engaging network of natural trails for strolls and ambles.

  4. Along the entire perimeter of the estate all the stone-built walls that delineate the natural boundaries of the estate have been reconstructed employing the traditional drystone technique.




The view looking out from the estate into the dazzling Cycladic light and at the glorious colours of the Aegean as well as the very special beauty and uniqueness of the Tinian landscape fills one with absolute serenity and delight.


Price: on request


Economic data for commercial utilization are available upon request.








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