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Argolis is a regional unit of the Eastern Peloponnese situated on a large peninsula washed to the south-west by the Argolic Gulf and to the north-east by the Saronic Gulf. To the north it borders Corinth and to the west and south Arcadia. The remarkable archeological sites of Tiryns, Mycenae, Argos and Epidaurus and the historical, cosmopolitan city of Nafplio are the most important tourist attractions of the prefecture. The privileged situation of Argolis, lying as it does just a short distance from the city of Athens, means that the entire area is easily accessible, be this but for a single day’s or a few days’ break. During the summer, visitors come in their thousands to the picturesque coastal settlements and superb beaches as well as to the world-famous Epidaurus Festival. During your stay at one of the many seaside resorts of Argolis (among them Tolo, Porto Heli, Ermioni, Thermisia, New and Old Epidaurus) you will also be able to take trips to the delightful traditional islands of the Argosaronic Gulf, the most important being Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses.


Nea Epidavros


Porto Heli


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