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Mount Parnitha

Ormos Katafygi


The prefecture of Attica, located almost in the center of the Greek mainland, is a historical area that includes the city of Athens, the capital of Greece. It is the chief administrative, economic and transport hub of the country. On the southern shore of the prefecture is Greece’s largest port, Piraeus. The Attica peninsula projects into the Aegean Sea, while its various regions are also washed by the Saronic Gulf, the Corinthian Gulf and the Euboean Gulf. The modernday prefecture of Attica additionally encompasses the picturesque islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf, the largest of which are Salamina, Aegina, Hydra, Poros and Spetses.

Attica contains a countless number of historical attractions and archaeological sites. Archaeological ruins are to be found in virtually the entire region of Attica, with the most significant (excluding the archaeological sites of Athens) being situated in Eleusis. Inland, scattered throughout the area, are numerous notable historical locations, among them Vravron with its Temple of Artemis, the municipality of Koropi with its Byzantine churches and production of a famous brand of retsina, the modern seaport of Lavrion with its old 19th century neoclassical buildings and renowned ancient mines. Moreover, numberless are the seashores surrounding the region, including most spectacularly that of the Sounion promontory where stands the ancient Temple of Poseidon. Other major locations are the historical site of Marathon, world-renowned from for the Battle of Marathon fought in September 490 BC between the Athenians, aided by the Plataeans, and the Persians, Megara, an important town of ancient times, the National Park of Mt. Parnitha characterized by its rich and rare flora and fauna and its winter refuges, Archanes at the foot of Parnitha, in antiquity one of the most populous of the Attica municipalities noted for its Mycenaean vaulted tomb, Mt. Penteli, famed for its shining white marble used to build the Parthenon, the Holy Monastery of Penteli and Rafina, a notable tourist center with a large port.

Some of the seaside areas famous for their sandy beaches that represent popular summer destinations for the Athenians are Kinetta, Nea Makri, Mati, Loutsa, as well as Attica’s southern suburbs of Lagonisi, Varkiza, Vouliagmeni with its well-known thermal spa, Kavouri and Glyfada.






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