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Mani, forming one of the four smaller peninsulas of the Peloponnese, is a historical region of the south Peloponnese, an extension of the Taygetos mountain range, and is bounded by the col of Mt. Taygetos and Cape Tainaros. It is characterized by the rugged natural beauty of its landscapes as well as the very distinctive architectural style of its towns and villages. Dominating the landscape of Mani are the so-called ‘war-towers’, the stonework architecture of the towns and the defensive arrangement of the dwellings and castles, along with a profusion of archaeological sites and Byzantine churches containing striking icons. In this area there are 98 of the 118 communities of the Peloponnese that have been officially listed as traditional settlements for both the particular lifestyle of the locals that they showcase and the loving preservation of traditional buildings of great historical and architectural value. Among the villages and towns of Western Mani, of special interest are Stoupa and its crystalline waters, Kardamyli with its cobblestoned lanes and stone dwellings, the various Byzantine monuments, Langada with its stone ‘tower-houses’ and the villages Tseria, Kastania and Milia nestled in the mountain of Taygetos. Some of the many landmarks of Eastern Mani are Gytheio with its harbor and its distinctive architecture, Areopolis with its cobbled streets and its towers, the Caves of Diros, Limeni opposite the Homeric Oitylo, Gerolimenas, Vatheia, Kotronas and its beaches and traditional architecture. Despite its extremely stony ground, Mani is known worldwide for its unique plant life. Meanwhile, the main cultivation is the olive which produces one of the finest olive oils in the world.


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